Jingle All the Way to the Cloud

December 25, 2023
2 min read

In the spirit of festive cheer and ERP enlightenment, we’ve created the season of Cloudsmas, and have been counting down the days on LinkedIn to unwrap a dazzling array of benefits that come with upgrading from NAV to Business Central. It’s been quite a fun journey. If you missed it, fear not!  

Our team of NAV to BC upgrade experts compiled the ultimate Cloudsmas jingle just for you, set to the tune of the “12 Days of Christmas”:  

On the twelfth day of Cloudsmas, my ERP gave to me, a dozen dreams come true, 
eleven tasks unburdened,  
ten users praising,  
nine more features shining,   
eight modules a-thriving,  
seventh-heaven scalability,  
sixth-sense-level insights,  
five-star performance,  
the tools for business foresight,  
a trifecta of cost savings,  
two annual auto-updates,  
and a fixed-price upgrade to Dynamics BC. 

Isn’t that a tune worth singing all the way to the cloud?  

Imagine a holiday gift like no other from NAVtoBC—an enchanting melody orchestrating a seamless upgrade with all your customizations, data, reports, and third-party add-ons from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. And better yet, it’s all at a fixed price so there are absolutely no surprises. Now that’s the spirit of Cloudsmas! Creating a symphony of efficiency and joy throughout the year. 

With NAVtoBC, it’s more than just decking the halls; it’s about turning your ERP into a wonderland of success. If we’re laying the upgrade frosting on a little thick, it’s because we are passionate about guiding every business using NAV through a fast, easy, and painless path to the cloud.  

So, this holiday season, let NAVtoBC help make every day a festive occasion through streamlined operations and boundless efficiency. Your new year is about to get a whole lot better.