Getting Navision Support: What Are Your Options?

Ah, Navision! That grand old wizard of ERP software that has cast its spell across the business landscape for decades, weaving its magic in the back offices of many an enterprise. It’s a name that conjures up fond memories of simpler times in the digital domain, but don’t let its age fool you—this legacy platform … Continued

NAV to Business Central Migration Made Easy: 5 Steps

Chances are you know the migration to BC cloud from the on-premise NAV system of yore is approaching the inevitable. So, let’s talk about that move to Business Central, shall we? Don’t worry, we don’t pretend that switching your ERP is a molehill that you might accidentally be making a mountain out of. The balloon … Continued

Jingle All the Way to the Cloud

In the spirit of festive cheer and ERP enlightenment, we’ve created the season of Cloudsmas, and have been counting down the days on LinkedIn to unwrap a dazzling array of benefits that come with upgrading from NAV to Business Central. It’s been quite a fun journey. If you missed it, fear not!   Our team of … Continued

Choose Your Licensing Adventure: Exploring Business Central Essentials vs. Premium

Picture this: the potential to push your business’s efficiency, improve productivity, and establish technical scalability indefinitely into the future. No one wants to be left behind, yet business management solutions are in a relentless state of evolution.   When adaptation spells survival and innovation is the currency, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central emerges as the beacon, … Continued

Fixed-Fee NAV to Business Central Upgrades Now Available

Napa, California: NAVtoBC, a technology partner entirely dedicated to providing fixed-fee upgrades of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to the fully cloud-based Business Central, today announces the launch of their new website and online quoting system. Formed by industry specialists aiming to fill a significant gap in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP market, NAVtoBC replaces costly reimplementation projects … Continued