Moving Your Customers to Business Central Cloud Has Never Been Easier, or More Rewarding.

Rapid, Accurate Wholesale Customer Upgrades for Microsoft Dynamics Partners

We aren’t a VAR and don’t want to be one. At NAVtoBC, we understood the common challenges of migrating customers from legacy systems like NAV (Navision) or GP (Great Plains) to Business Central cloud and cracked the efficiency and accuracy code. That’s why we started NAVtoBC. We don’t want the license or the logo – we are just here to simplify the process and make you look good.

So let them eat cloud cake! Our fixed-price wholesale program is designed to make your life easier, your customers happier, and your Dynamics business more profitable.

Let’s Get This BC Upgrade Party Started!

No need for any legal beagle partner agreements or red tape here (unless you’re into that?). After collecting client database info, we’ll provide you with a fixed-price upgrade quote; you decide if you want to sell it. It’s that easy!

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Why Resell NAVtoBC Upgrades?

All the data and modifications are included. Successful upgrade results are guaranteed. You keep the license revenue.
Customers are happy. The backlog decreases. You’re more profitable. What more can we say?

Well, if we must:

Fixed Price, Infinite Value
Fixed Price, Infinite Value
No surprises, no hidden fees. With our fixed-price model, you can confidently present your customers with a clear and transparent upgrade cost. It’s all about simplicity and delivering outstanding value every step of the way.
White Label Magic
White Label Magic
Keep your partner brand front and center! Add your unique touch and drive the upgrade experience you want delivered. Your customers will receive top-notch service, and you can be their trusted advisor throughout the upgrade journey if you wish.
Money Talks
Money Talks
The cloud business model is all about repeatability and scalability. It’s time to boost your revenue streams! Turn your upgrade pipeline into cold, hard cash while providing your customers with a frictionless move to Business Central. It’s a win-win situation!
Resource Relief
Resource Relief
Let us handle the heavy lifting. Upgrading from NAV to BC requires time, expertise, and scarce technical resources. Now, you don’t need to allocate valuable internal resources or hire additional staff. NAVtoBC’s team of seasoned experts will take care of it all.


Typical NAV to Business Central cloud upgrades are complete in 1-2 months, with ALL the data, customizations, and industry extensions.

Upgrades Simplified

Throw complex reimplementation scopes away – everything gets upgraded to Business Central for one set price!


No stone gets left unturned – customers get all their functionality, data, reports, and modifications in BC. You’ll both be happy as clams.


Help your customers reach the move to cloud milestone in record time, with no compromises, at the most competitive price.

Start Your NAVtoBC Reselling Journey

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