Retain All Your NAV Functionality With Business Central Industry Extensions

Business Central Upgrade: Industry Extensions for Your Microsoft Dynamics NAV Add-Ons

No two industries are the same. Each sector has its unique requirements, regulations, and workflows. That’s where industry-specific extensions for your Dynamics Business Central upgrade come into play. At NAVtoBC, our certified technical specialists are exceptionally fluent with these specialized solutions and understand their crucial role in retaining your tailored functionality when upgrading from Dynamics NAV to Business Central.

Tailored Functionality with Scalability

Business Central industry extensions address the unique needs of particular trades and markets, as you do with NAV now. But better. They not only provide pre-built functionality and features that streamline industry-specific processes, but they are also more flexible, scalable, and adaptable than their on-premise NAV add-on counterparts.

We leverage industry extensions in your NAVtoBC upgrade so you can automate tasks, access industry-specific reports, and benefit from optimized workflows, saving time and increasing efficiency.

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Rapid Upgrade Implementation at a Set Price

Industry extensions allow for a seamless and easy integration into your new Business Central cloud system, enabling us to deliver a swift and seamless implementation process and allowing you to enjoy everything you had in NAV with added benefits of its next-generation predecessor.

At NAVtoBC, industry extensions are all factored into your fixed-price upgrade quote. That means you can immediately leverage industry-specific functionalities without lengthy development cycles, ensuring a faster return on your upgrade investment.

Compliance and Regulatory Alignment Minus the Headache

Industry extensions ensure that your upgraded Dynamics Business Central cloud solution remains compliant with relevant regulations. That’s because updates to extensions are quicker, easier, and more automated than traditional NAV add-ons (Microsoft had a vision by transitioning to Business Central, after all).

Now you can eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming manual updates or compliance efforts and minimizes the risk of non-compliance penalties.

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How Do We Do It?

Curious how we approach industry extensions for your Microsoft Dynamics NAV add-ons in your Business Central upgrade?

It goes a little something like this:

  1. Assessment of Existing Industry Add-Ons: Identify the ones that still align with your specific requirements and document their inclusion in the upgrade.
  2. Compatibility Check: Verify the availability of your existing industry add-ons with an extension for the latest version of Business Central. We will also assess if alternative solutions are better suited for your specific needs.
  3. Extension Migration or Development: Depending on the compatibility assessment, we’ll either use existing industry extensions and handle the necessary migration process or develop or acquire new industry-specific extensions designed for Business Central. Either way, you won’t miss a thing.
  4. Testing and Validation: Once the migration or development process is complete, we thoroughly test the retained or new industry extensions in a non-production environment and validate their functionality and performance.
  5. Ongoing Support and Maintenance: To ensure continuous effectiveness and compatibility, you and your Business Central provider are encouraged to review and optimize your extensions to align with evolving industry standards and your business requirements.