Fast, Fixed-Price Wholesale Customer Upgrades for Dynamics Partners

Migrating your customers from NAV to Business Central has never been quicker, easier, or more rewarding.

Enjoy no risk, no overhead, and all revenue.

See, we aren’t a VAR, and we don’t want to be one.

NAVtoBC offers Microsoft Dynamics resellers and implementation partners white-label upgrades through seasoned industry professionals in a fraction of the time, at a fixed wholesale price, with successful results and happy clients every time.

Point Your Cloud Upgrades in the Right Direction


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Why Resell NAVtoBC Upgrades?

All the data, reports, customizations, modifications, and add-ons are included. Successful upgrade results are guaranteed.
You keep the license revenue and client relationship.

Customers are happy. The backlog decreases. You’re more profitable.

Fixed Price, Infinite Value Fixed Price, Infinite Value No surprises, no hidden fees. With our fixed-price model, you can confidently present your clients with a clear and transparent upgrade cost.
White Label Magic White Label Magic Keep your partner brand front and center! Add your unique touch and drive the upgrade experience you want delivered.
Money Talks Money Talks The cloud model is all about repeatability and scalability. Turn your upgrade pipeline into cold, hard cash while providing your customers with a frictionless move to Business Central.
Resource Relief Resource Relief Upgrading from NAV to BC requires time, expertise, and scarce technical resources. Now, you don’t need to allocate valuable internal resources or hire additional staff.

How it Works

Our fixed-price wholesale program is designed to make your life easier, your clients happier, and your Dynamics business more profitable. So, we make this easy peasy.

Simply request to connect, and we’ll touch base in a day or less to get some more info. Then, you’ll use a nifty online submission system to feed the details of your flat-fee wholesale upgrades (go ahead and check it out ahead of time).

Get the project started when you and the client are ready. Upgrades include:

All NAV customizations
All NAV customizations
All NAV industry add-ons and extensions
All NAV industry add-ons and extensions
All required NAV data, not just master records
All required NAV data, not just master records
All NAV reports
All NAV reports
40-60% faster cloud migration (1-2 month project average)
40-60% faster cloud migration (1-2 month project average)
Fixed-price and no surprises
Fixed-price and no surprises

Don’t Forget

For every upgrade sold and closed by November 1st, you get a free, full Directions 2025 pass!!!


Client Upgrade Quotes

Let’s Get This BC Upgrade Party Started!

There’s no need for legal beagle partner agreements or red tape here. In fact, if you want to skip all the intros and chit-chat, you can!

After collecting client database and migration info through the secure site below, we’ll provide you with a fixed-price upgrade quote; you decide if you want to sell it. It’s that easy!

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