Upgrade to BC with All Your NAV Reports Intact and Leverage Better Analytics in the Cloud

Business Central Custom Reports and Analytics –
It’s Better in the Cloud

When it comes to reporting and analytics, moving from NAV to Business Central presents two main concerns – getting the existing NAV custom reports you need in BC and ensuring you have access to intuitive self-service reporting tools. At NAVtoBC, we are the one stone to your two birds.

With your tailored, flat-rate upgrade to BC, we include the migration of all the custom NAV reports you currently have and require to ensure your business doesn’t skip a beat. From there, we offer and deliver the latest and greatest in cloud reporting and analytics with Power BI and Cosmos so you can quickly and easily build any report or dashboard with the data you need the way you want it to look.

No more slow report run-times with third-party tools, technical bottlenecks, or hunting and pecking for where the data is– just lightning-fast, accurate, custom reporting in the blissful cloud.

Pack Your Bags Existing NAV Custom Reports

It’s time to take a trip to the cloud! By migrating all the NAV custom reports you have to Business Central, you retain your established reporting framework and gain access to advanced features and functionalities.

This means a smooth evolution from your legacy NAV system to the latest in ERP cloud technology, preserving the value of your historical data and insights. Our meticulous approach ensures that your reporting structures seamlessly align with Business Central’s capabilities, empowering you with enhanced analytics and decision-making tools.

Prepare for a Cosmic Upgrade in Reporting Capabilities

Once you ascend from NAV to Business Central, we can help you amplify your data game with Cosmos. It’s not just an intuitive, Excel-based, lightning-fast cloud reporting tool; it’s your business’s rocket fuel.

Cosmos allows you to quickly and easily build any report or dashboard inside Excel or Power BI with any data from Business Central, including your custom fields and third-party extension data. Best of all – its high-speed performance is fueled by the vapors of the cloud, not hindered by it like the legacy third-party reporting tools built for NAV.

Say goodbye to data silos and hello to a universe of cohesive information. Just more reasons it’s better in Business Centralville.

A Blueprint for Upgrade Success

Does your cloud journey look daunting? Get a detailed playbook for why and how to migrate from NAV to Business Central without any of the costs, timeline overruns, business disruptions, or other challenges commonly associated with ERP upgrade projects.


Powering Up with Power BI

Once you swiftly and seamlessly upgrade from NAV to Business Central with NAVtoBC, the real fun begins. Imagine your business data dressed up in sparkly charts and graphs, ready to mingle at the analytics party. With the dynamic duo of Business Central and Power BI, you’ll be the superhero of decision-making, swooping in to save the day with actionable intelligence.

From sales performance to in-depth supply and inventory dashboards and everything in between, you can conquer the world of data with an analytics sidekick that speaks volumes. Let the Power BI adventure begin.

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